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How to Successfully Launch a Nonprofit Initiative or Program: The Ins and Outs of Bexa’s Success Story

Step into Bexa's shoes and discover how they nailed their launch. This case study provides valuable insights and practical steps to help you navigate your own successful launch and make a significant impact.

Launching an initiative or program for your nonprofit is a big undertaking that can add enormous value to your organization. To do it successfully, plenty of preparation is needed to make sure you create something that people actually need, and communicate it in a way that makes people want to support or take action. 

Bexa, a company that produced a portable device to conduct breast exams, came to Acton Circle needing help launching their newest division designed to end health disparities by providing safe and painless breast exams for women in underserved communities. 

To explore some of the key threads in Bexa’s success story, and to discover how they became a voice of wisdom in the breast-health space, keep reading to learn about the five steps needed to launch an initiative or program! 

The Five Steps to a Successful Launch

Launches can be as unique as the organizations that are responsible for them. While it’s difficult to define a rigid set of rules and outcomes for launching a program or intiative, it is possible to outline a basic blueprint that most organizations can adapt and follow. 

A straightforward, five-step program or launch most often includes:

  • Definition of the target audience – Defining your target audience helps narrow your marketing focus and ensure that the launch meets very specific needs in the community.
  • Development of compelling brand messaging – Brand messaging is the outlet for your unique value or selling proposition (USP). This is a differentiator for your brand and should be the focal point when trying to help people or secure donors.
  • Settling on a campaign strategy – A campaign strategy clarifies how, when, and to whom you will market to. It can also answer questions related to responsible parties, scope, and budget of the project. 
  • Publishing head-turning content on various platforms – How will you primarily communicate about the new offering? Consider the outlets available to you, including email, website, social media, and others.
  • Evaluating and measuring results (as needed) – No launch plan is complete without a strategy for checking results after launch. Be ready to evaluate measurable goals and checkpoints along the journey.

Seeing it in Action: Bexa’s Launch Process

As previously mentioned, before bringing a new program to market, it’s important to invest time and research into validating the need for it. In the case of Bexa’s development, they found that women in underserved communities struggle to find the same healthcare and medical testing experiences as women in other communities.

With a validated need in mind, Bexa could now move on to crafting a clear and purposeful launch strategy. A program launch strategy involves knowing which services you need to leverage, which practices can most effectively address a certain audience, and how to maximize each separate marketing effort. 

For Bexa, this meant coming to Acton Circle to get help creating visual tools that would improve awareness of the importance of early detection in breast cancer. Their team also wanted to introduce their program as the most viable solution on the market.

We drew upon our specialities, including:

  • Program materials / Marketing Materials
  • Graphic design
  • Brand messaging
  • Web design
  • Webflow web development
  • UI/UX design

The Importance of Clear Messaging for a New Initiative Launch

Before we started creating design assets for Bexa’s launch, we knew it was important to first  establish clear, consistent, and compelling brand messaging. This positions the service provider as a leader and trusted advisor, particularly for customers or recipients who may not have an established level of trust in the provider.

Launching a service also involves thinking outside of the box to meet as many audience segments as possible—right where they are. Knowing Bexa intended to help diverse women in underserved communities, we decided on making the core website accessible and inclusive for Spanish-speaking members of their audience.

How to Make Powerful Designs for a Launch

Excellent design should always have a home in your program or initiative launch plan. This is because design is usually the first impression for your nonprofit or offering. 

It can be more challenging to communicate the professionalism of your brand without a clear and visually pleasing aesthetic.

But appearances aren’t the only reason why good design is an important part of the process. In the case of Bexa, Acton Circle used leading design practices to create stunning printed materials and collateral. These visuals helped communicate and market information about the new offering. In these examples, the brand’s power was clear, compelling, and emotionally captivating.

Does your branding and design cause future beneficiaries or stakeholders to pause or evaluate their own choices or next steps? If not, you may not be fully capitalizing on what great design can do for your launch efforts. 

Making Your Program Launch a Success

 Acton Circle was able to reach Bexa’s launch goals by:

  • Giving thoughtful and purposeful consideration to the organization’s core vision
  • Clearly understanding the brand’s creative goals and wish list
  • Executing the timeline with speed, skill, and flexibility
  • Staying open-minded and available to discuss new thoughts and ideas 

Not only do these qualities ensure a flawless launch, but they also help brands feel even more confident when bringing a new program or intiative to the market. 

Achieve a successful launch and reach your target audience with Acton Circle.

At Acton Circle, we’re committed to helping clients find their unique brand voice and putting their intrinsic value at the forefront. We consider the underlying mission and vision of your organization in order to make your launch goals a reality. Our vast knowledge and experience in web design and launch plans will help you feel confident and ready for new growth.

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January 19, 2023