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8 Design Assets You Need for Your Nonprofit Gala

Dive into the must-have design assets for a successful nonprofit gala. Our guide details eight essential visual elements that enhance your event's appeal, increase attendee engagement, and effectively amplify your organization's message. Make your gala memorable with the power of design.

Our Nonprofit Fundraising Design Must-Haves

Planning for a large-scale fundraising event is not for the faint of heart.

It’s a massive project for nonprofits of any size and one that must be done well because so much relies on its success.

When it comes to gala events, the stakes are even higher.

Hosting a gala poses a higher financial risk compared to other events but has the potential to be equally rewarding. Galas tend to be the highest earning fundraising events of the year so many nonprofits take the risk despite the liability.

In order to make planning for such an event worth your time, energy, and resources, you have to pay attention to the details. 

After all, it’s the little things that set the stage for your message to be received, remembered, and acted upon—all of which starts with how your gala is branded.

Plan an event that is consistently branded and you’re sure to inspire the kind of action your nonprofit is working toward.

When you start prepping for your next gala, add these 8 design assets to your list and get ready to turn heads (and open wallets).

Man sitting down at his desk, working, wearing a party hat and holding a red SOLO cup.

Theme Concept

It all starts with your theme!

The theme of your gala sets the tone for everything else about the event, before and on the night of.

Your colors, marketing materials, dress code, and decor are all determined by your chosen theme, so choose wisely.

Some organizations are more formal than others, which is the first thing to consider before settling on the theme to dictate every other aspect of your gala. You should also consider the style of your venue, the season of the year it will be hosted, and the general feelings you want your event to inspire.

Once that’s handled, it’s on to the visuals. 


A custom logo created specifically for your gala will mark your event as unique, important, and an evening worth remembering. It should reflect your chosen theme through its colors, font pairings, and design style.

Your logo will be “the face” of your gala event and will represent not only the purpose of your fundraiser but of your organization as a whole. As you collaborate with your graphic designer to craft the perfect logo, remember that this asset will be used throughout your event and the rest of the planning process.

It’s worth taking the time and hiring a professional to get it done right!

Two women sitting at a table, looking at book together.

Promotional Graphics

Once the theme, logo, and colors are good to go, the rest of your marketing and event materials can follow. 

Promotional materials are next on the list of what’s needed to get your event up and running.

With your creative direction established, you can start making promotional graphics for social media, your email list, and printed collateral to spread awareness of your gala event and the cause it supports. 

As your team starts posting and sending out those graphics, you can dive into designing the next set of assets.

Save the Dates & Invitations

Save the Dates and Invitations do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to building anticipation around your event. In other words, you should make sure these are as enticing and attention-grabbing as possible!

You have the option to send out a branded email, post a graphic to your social accounts and website, or mail a paper invitation depending on your budget and the formality of your event. In fact, doing all of the above would be the best way forward.

These materials should state the name of your nonprofit, gala event, the location, date, and time it will be held. 

Save the Dates should be sent at least four months in advance so your donors can make room in their budgets for a contribution.

Invitations should contain a mailing envelope, a card and envelope to RSVP, and the invitation itself.

Hand holding two square envelopes, one brown and one grey.

Banners & Signage

Let’s talk about the day of.

Branded promotional materials will drum up desire for the event but branded banners and signage will create the atmosphere your attendees were hoping for. 

Carry your branding into the venue and decor to elevate your guests’ experience. You should use signage to mark entrances, exits, important locations, and to make navigating the venue a breeze.

When it comes to signage, it’s about form and function.

Event Programs

Want to make an incredible first impression?

Usher in your guests with a stunning printed program that clearly lays out the order of events for the evening. 

Your event program should be thorough and crystal clear. Its main purpose is to keep everyone in attendance on the same page so it should inform guests of what to expect, and when.

Keep in mind that this particular asset will be referred to countless times throughout your gala event. That means you should carefully consider what key pieces of information should be included besides the itinerary. Think honorees, key sponsors, and how guests can donate to support your cause.

First person view of two people sitting at a table, holding event programs.

Event Presentation

Another key asset is the Event Presentation Slide Deck.

This piece is crucial because it’s your nonprofit’s moment to shine!

While everyone in attendance would be there for the same reasons, it can be easy to overlook the purpose of your gala amid the hustle and bustle of the night. Your presentation will bring attention back to your cause.

Make sure your presentation slide deck is beautifully designed, clearly conveys your message, and on-brand to tie everything together. 

Sponsorship Package

Last (but certainly not least) is your Sponsorship Package. Finish strong by making it one to remember!

Your Sponsorship Package should include your nonprofit’s mission statement, the sponsorship tiers you offer, and the benefits that come with becoming a donor.

Consider including a single page letter, brochure, or PDF that holds all the information your potential sponsors may need to submit a contribution. You can also direct sponsors to your website or web portal where they can pay online. Whatever you do, your goal should be to make the donation process as easy as possible!

Young woman smiling at the camera, holding up a box that says "Donate".

Make no mistake about it, planning a gala event will never be a small endeavor.

But if you’ve got your list of design assets and your design timeline down, there will be much less for you to worry about down the road.

Is DIYing your gala event designs not for you?

Maybe you’ve got your hands full dealing with the other moving parts  involved in planning an upcoming gala event.

Or maybe the last thing you need is to add another set of tasks to your to-do list.

From promotional graphics to event materials, we’ve got the skills and expertise to help you design your next successful gala and leave a lasting impression. 


February 22, 2023