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Skyrocketing Growth: How Ureeka's Design-Centered Strategy Led to an Explosive Member Base Expansion

Experience the power of professional design in driving a tenfold Ureeka member base growth. Learn how growth marketing strategy supports minority business owners.

Do you need to capture attention, inspire action, and build meaningful connections within your community? How about improving your branding and user experience to attract and retain your audience? You're not alone—Ureeka, a coaching community, and platform dedicated to supporting minority business owners, faced these same challenges.

Despite their noble cause and high-quality resources, Ureeka needed help connecting with potential members effectively. Their branding lacked cohesion, their website required modernization, and their product’s user interface wasn't enhancing the user experience as it should.

Recognizing the transformative power of design, Ureeka partnered with us very early on in the company’s inception. This strategic move eventually led to a dramatic tenfold growth in their membership base, a significant enhancement in their brand value, and eventually caught the eye of ZenBusiness, leading to an acquisition.

In this article, we're going to dissect Ureeka's success story. We'll share key strategies we employed that amplified Ureeka's reach and engagement and elevated their brand to an attractive acquisition target. If you're a purpose-driven startup organization facing similar challenges, this case study holds valuable insights that can inspire and guide your path toward greater reach and impact. 

Failing to Recognize the Significance of Professional Design: The Costly Implications for Your Company

Ureeka's journey underscores the power of design as a growth engine. Their journey teaches us that bypassing professional design could be one of a business's most expensive oversights.

Overlooking the power of design is about more than losing aesthetic appeal but a strategic opportunity for your organization. Design is a channel to your audience, transmitting your organization's identity, values, and mission. Not investing in the power of design may inadvertently stifle these critical connections.

Neglecting the power of design also risks degrading the overall user experience—a key factor for fostering engagement and driving growth. Can your business afford to miss out on its potential for exponential growth by ignoring design?

So, When Should You Consider Investing in a Graphic Designer? 

Pinpointing the exact moment might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, particularly for startups or businesses venturing into new projects. Here are some circumstances when investing in professional design services can move your business forward in significant ways:

  • Launching a New Business: If you're starting a new venture, professional design services can help shape your brand identity immediately, setting you up for success. A cohesive, modern, and compelling brand image can leave a lasting impression and set the foundation for building a loyal customer base.
Ureeka's all onboarding screens
Engaging App Store images of the vibrant and intuitive creatives designed by Acton Circle amplify the reach of Ureeka's app.
  • Reinvigorating an Existing Brand: If your current brand loses its spark or fails to attract new growth, it might be time for a design revamp. Professional design services can breathe fresh life into your brand, making it relevant and appealing to your evolving audience.
  • Fixing Existing Design or Branding Flaws: Professional design services can provide expert insight and solutions if you identify gaps or inconsistencies in your current branding or design elements. They can fix these flaws, ensuring your branding is consistent, cohesive, and reflects your brand identity.

How Graphic Design Became a Game-Changer for Ureeka 

Although there is no “one size fits all” solution to branding problems, at Acton Circle, we believe that strong graphic design elements can contribute to positive branding shifts.

We offered Ureeka comprehensive graphic design strategies covering several key areas of their business, and these graphic design strategies can also be applied to other organizations seeking to maximize their impact: 

  • Crafting a Visual Identity: We empowered Ureeka with a distinct visual identity that resonated with its target audience. By implementing effective graphic design strategies, other organizations can amplify their brand impact by developing strong and consistent visual language.
  • Unifying Marketing Collaterals: Ensuring harmony across physical and digital touch points, we synchronized Ureeka's marketing materials with their visual identity. Organizations striving for coherent communication can adopt this unified approach and utilize graphic design strategies to create a consistent brand experience.
Ureeka instagram post samples
Acton Circle's compelling social media graphics for Ureeka synchronize the brand's marketing materials with its distinct visual identity.
  • Enhancing Web Presence: We revitalized a version of Ureeka's website into a user-friendly hub that accurately embodied their brand ethos. Investing in a well-structured, engaging website is a strategy any organization can benefit from.
  • Streamlining User Experience: We improved one of Ureeka's feature interfaces, facilitating a more seamless process for their offerings and adding delight to the platform through illustrations.
  • Offering Ongoing Design Support: We provided continual design assistance to Ureeka through our design subscription, ensuring their brand remained vibrant and impactful over time. Organizations can likewise gain from long-term design services to stay adaptive to evolving trends and customer needs.

Through our work with Ureeka, we sought to comprehend their community of minority business owners truly, and our cause-focused approach aligned perfectly with their vision. This strategy of aligning design with a deeper understanding of an organization's mission can create a powerful ripple effect, increasing brand recognition, engagement, and overall growth for businesses across various sectors.

Adding Value with Good Design

Strong design elements can do wonders for your brand, but they can also help add value both internally and externally. 

Our design work catalyzed unity. We fostered a more profound connection and alignment by infusing Ureeka's mission, purpose, and values into their visual identity. This result is a takeaway for organizations. Good design can create a cohesive internal culture, empowering teams to rally behind common goals.

We used design to amplify Ureeka's voice in the crowded market, making them recognizable to their audience. The improved user experience led to increased brand engagement. Both outcomes reveal how design can help your organization stand out, connect with your audience better, and stimulate growth.

How to Measure Success with Your Design Team

Before you begin your next design initiative, remember to identify the significant gaps in brand strategy or improvements you want to accomplish. With a realistic idea of what you want to fix, it can be easier to measure success. 

After identifying any pain points, consider how you want to measure your success. For best results, communicate with your designer or design team what this looks like practically. Setting yourself up for success might include the following:

  • Delivery dates for key designs
  • Comprehensive project timelines (or major milestones)
  • New launch dates (such as a website or marketing deliverable)

Remember that design is still just one piece of your complete brand strategy. Other aspects like content marketing or brand messaging also factor into your success metrics.

How Does a Professional Graphic Designer Bring Value to a Brand?

Many brands turn to professional designers when they hit a branding roadblock or simply can’t accomplish specific design projects in-house. The benefits of working with a qualified designer include:

  • Outside, objective input that offers transparency and honest direction
  • Access to high-quality design products and technology
  • Valuable input from a trained specialist who can devote time and resources to your design goals (versus an internal marketing team member who simply tries to conquer design tasks in their free time)

Ready to experience growth like Ureeka?  Let's start this transformative journey together! 

Ureeka's journey highlights the transformative power of expert design. You, too, can experience a similar leap in growth and branding cohesion. But what if hiring a full-time designer isn't in your cards right now?

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June 22, 2023