10,000 Degrees

How an equity-focused scholarship provider and California-based nonprofit prepares for growth in the next 5 years with visual aid by Acton Circle

10,000 Degrees is bridging the opportunity gap by helping students from low-income backgrounds achieve their college dreams.

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Alaina Baum
Alaina Bum
Director of Marketing and Communications
What were your design struggles before working with Olivia and team at Acton Circle?

Other designers not being timely (in fact, very late with deadlines), not seeing changes and giving us proofs that were inaccurate, poor communication.

What made you choose Acton Circle over another design studio?

We've been working with the same design studio for years, and I feel, overpaying considerably for work that was often sub-par. It just wasn't creative at times. Olivia actually reached out to me right after a project that was disappointing. And after meeting her and looking at her portfolio of work, I was impressed and wanted to work with her.

What exactly do you like most about working with Acton Circle?

Superior and impressive design work that aligns perfectly with our brand and mission; Deep understanding of what we do because they took the time to learn about us and absorb it within their design process; great communication; provide clear understanding of deliverables (when I'll see proofs, final delivery, etc.); professionalism; cost.

What results have you achieved so far since working with us? If you have metrics to share, that would be amazing!

Haven't checked on metrics but have heard only praise and accolades for their work - some have said it's the best designed materials we've had to date!

What would you say to someone else who is considering working with us?

Alaina Bum
Director of Marketing and Communications
10,000 Degrees
Case Statements
Strategic Plan Report
Webflow Web Development

10,000 Degrees was struggling with slow timelines and lackluster design deliverables. They needed an impactful, concise, and clean design that encouraged prospective donors to support their mission.

We helped them achieve this by:

  • Creating an interactive microsite that engaged donors by spotlighting their strategic goals, plan, and impact.
  • Delivering action-inspiring brand materials including a strategic plan report and case statements.
  • Creating a visually appealing yet concise design that expressed the magnitude of their mission in an easy-to-grasp way.
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