Blue Clover

How Acton Circle rebranded a 20-year-old manufacturing company to better reflect their purpose-driven mission

Blue Clover provides cost-effective, powerful, and eco-friendly hardware testing equipment.

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"Olivia asks good questions and is a good listener. The brand book is gorgeous and reflects her attention to detail. We've been able to get a steady flow of leads since the rebranding work."
Image of Pete Staples, Founder of Blue Clover
Pete Staples
CEO & Founder
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Pete Staples
CEO & Founder
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Shopify Web Development
Web Design

They came to us for guidance as they realigned their purpose to their brand. The rebrand was the third one in their 20-year company history.

We partnered with Blue Clover founder, Pete, to refresh all branding and highlight the heartbeat of Blue Clover and the life-changing impact they wish to leave on the electronics industry. The project included:

- Refining the brand’s foundation and positioning by updating Blue Clover’s purpose, vision, mission, and values.

- Developing a tagline, core messaging framework, website, and revamped logo that matched the overall brand strategyall housed in a branding guidelines document.

- Creating a Shopify website to make purchases seamless.

As a result, Blue Clover is now positioned to scale their business in an authentic way that communicates their commitment to the environment.
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blue clover font and color palette (green, blue, tan, orange, red)
spread in blue clover brand guidelines
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homepage of blue clover website (beautiful expansive landscape with mountains)
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Sample webpages of blue clovers website
sustainability webpage sample
Blue clover tagline on top of turtle swimming in the ocean
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