Making Waves Academy

This public charter school sparked enthusiasm for its mission of educational equity with a striking, grand-scale metal print wall mural.

Making Waves Academy, supported by the Making Waves Education Foundation, is a public charter school in the Bay Area catering to over 1,100 students from 5th to 12th grade. Additionally, the foundation offers college and career programming to more than 500 college students.

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"We are thrilled with the large mural created by the team at Acton for our charter school, Making Waves Academy! It beautifully expresses who we are and what we value. We’ve been through several art development processes for our campus, and this was one of the most rewarding— our feedback was heard and incorporated after each iteration, making us feel like a true partner in the process. This is deeply important for a school community, and we are incredibly grateful to them."
Alicia Klein
Board President
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Alicia Klein
Board President

Making Waves Academy (MWA) sought to infuse its campus with art that mirrored its mission and inspired students and staff.

Creating a mural that represented the MWA students while also blending in with the campus art was no easy feat, but we were determined to make it happen and create something truly impactful

Here’s how we stepped up to bring their vision to life: 

  • Conceptualized and designed a stunning 20'x7' wall mural. The powerful wave imagery against a bright horizon served as a metaphor for transformation and progress.
  • Carefully integrated the mural design with the existing campus aesthetics. The result was an inspiring piece that not only enriches the campus environment but also reflects Making Wave Academy's mission.
  • Incorporated images of academy graduates and faculty, creating a wave-like design that breathed life into their tagline "Learn. Graduate. Give Back"
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