Orange County Community Foundation

This humanitarian organization enhanced its brand presence through a set of improved, cohesive, and modern marketing materials.

OCCF’s inspires a passion for lifelong philanthropy, faithfully stewards the intentions of their donors, and catalyzes sustainable community impact.

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Monica Seely
Monica Seely
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
What were your design struggles before working with Olivia and team at Acton Circle?

Before Acton Circle, our marketing collateral was a hot mess and all over the map in terms of design and messaging. As a small staff with not enough design expertise or time, we needed help to make our brand feel cohesive.

What made you choose Acton Circle over another design studio?

Speed of work, pricing, and design quality.

What exactly do you like most about working with Acton Circle?

Fast turnaround, amazing quality, and affordable.

What results have you achieved so far since working with us? If you have metrics to share, that would be amazing!

All of our branded collateral was completely refreshed in only a matter of weeks.

What would you say to someone else who is considering working with us?

Monica Seely
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
Orange County Community Foundation
Marketing Materials
Holiday Guide

OCCF was struggling with inconsistent marketing collateral created by different designers over the years. They needed a cohesive and professional brand to highlight their core mission. We helped them achieve this by:

  • Giving their existing marketing collateral a face-lift and creating a consistent aesthetic while keeping the essence and style of their logo and colors intact.
  • Coming up with improved and modern marketing materials that better speak to their high-network audience, including a presentation, one-pagers, brochures, invitations, program materials, and a holiday guide.
  • Building sub-brands for their funds and an educational series that stood independently while staying connected to the main brand’s vision, mission, and values.
  • Creating compact yet easy-to-use marketing templates for their team so they could create new marketing pieces that align with the redesigned pieces.
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