This philanthropic partner and nonprofit accelerator rallied new supporters through a stunning and interactive Annual Overview microsite designed by Acton Circle.

Tides is accelerating the pace of social change by bringing change leaders, foundations, and donors together to collaborate on society’s toughest problems.

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Jenny Summers
Jenny Summers
Senior Creative Manager
What were your design struggles before working with Olivia and team at Acton Circle?

We lacked the internal capability to develop micosites/web pages.

What made you choose Acton Circle over another design studio?

Responsiveness and affordability. Also very excited to work with a woman of color owned firm!

What exactly do you like most about working with Acton Circle?

Olivia is extremely bright and had incredible ideas and insights for our project. Team was very responsive and easy to work with.

What results have you achieved so far since working with us? If you have metrics to share, that would be amazing!

What would you say to someone else who is considering working with us?

Jenny Summers
Senior Creative Manager
Webflow Web Development

Tides needed an interactive microsite that brought their Annual Impact Overview to life but lacked the internal bandwidth a project of this magnitude deserved. They wanted to shine a spotlight on their social impact and values to attract prospective donors.

We helped them achieve this by:

  • Capturing the heart of their brand story through engaging design, copy, visuals, and audio.
  • Highlighting the revitalized energy and focus the organization's new executive leadership brought to the table.
  • Delivering a vibrant, fresh, and clean design that amplified the powerful stories of impact at a glance.
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