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You want your partners, prospective employees, donors, and supporters to feel connected to your organization and aligned with your mission, but it feels like an impossible goal.

We’re here to attract your dream people and help everyone understand your mission, embrace your vision, and feel intricately connected.

The Acton Circle Difference


Impact & Social Good

We specifically serve organizations who are dedicated to creating a better, more sustainable, more equitable future. Your mission is powerful – and we take it on as our own, helping you attract clients and supporters.


Impeccable Design

Creating branded, effective graphics, websites, marketing materials, and whatever imagery your business needs is our superpower. We’ll make sure you stay up-to-date and look fresh and professional. 



Your brand is unique, and we spend time truly listening and getting to know your mission and vision before we begin the design process. Our collaborative process ensures every detail is perfectly aligned and on-brand.

You’re inspired by your organization's mission and you’re working tirelessly to increase your impact.

Acton Circle helps others understand what you’re doing, see why it matters, and get connected to your organizational goals.

Engage others and increase your impact

Our clients are 100% committed to their mission, and we take on that mission as our own. We create materials – both in print and online – to clearly and effectively communicate your mission to others, helping them understand your goals and feel aligned with your purpose.

We do this through delivering:

  • Annual reports
  • Strategic plan reports
  • Landing pages
  • One-pagers
  • Templates

The right marketing materials and design are the difference in someone ignoring your mission or embracing it as their own!

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Kandelia annual report

"Beyond the beautiful final product, what we love most about Olivia is how she works. She not only works quickly and flawlessly, but she adds value to the process by asking critical clarifying questions, effectively managing expectations, and offering a variety of creative solutions to challenges along the way. Without a doubt, any time spent with Olivia is money well spent."

Eric Bass
Former Digital Marketing Manager at True Link Financial

Questions about working with Acton Circle? We’ve got answers!

What if we aren't completely sure about our design needs?


We can arrange some time to discuss your upcoming projects and map out a plan. You can then decide if you'd like to hire us on a month-to-month basis or a quarterly basis; our quarterly subscription allows you to pause your subscription one week a month.

We have about 15-20 hours of design projects each week, how does the subscription work?


You prioritize your design projects and we take care of them one after the other. Our subscription model allows us to focus on delivering high quality work and you'll never have to worry about if we are over or under hours.

Is there a limited number of projects or hours per month allotted to the subscription?


There is no limit on the number of projects we will complete each month. You will have one active project at a time that we will work on.

What is the turn-around time for my projects?


The turn-around time for an initial draft is typically between 2-5 business days depending on project complexity. Design revisions are typically completed in 1-2 business days.

How does the creative process work?


We start with a lot of listening. You’ll start by describing your mission, vision, brand, audience, and all the unique details of your organization. We’ll ask some insightful questions and make sure we understand your organization before we begin. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and make edits as we go, so the final product exceeds your expectations.

What are you most comfortable designing? I’d love to know what your specific strengths are!


Our Creative Director – Olivia – has ten years of design experience and we have mid to senior-level designer talents on our team. We’re experts in graphic design, website design, Webflow development, and custom illustration.

Beautiful, strategic design builds connection

Looking for a designer who can create an annual report that feels inspiring instead of boring?

Kandelia came to Acton Circle for an annual report that would help their supporters understand their mission on a deeper level and feel connected to the goals and vision of the organization.

report designwebsite designreport design

Need a way to show current and prospective partners that you’re a social impact organization, not a transactional service?

We are working with Tides to create an annual overview microsite that includes engaging design, copy, visuals, and audio, that demonstrate their increased focus and strategy on furthering their mission to strengthen the power of BIPOC leaders.

What’s the investment?

Our graphic design projects start at $3k and web design/development projects start at $15k.

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