Transforming the culture of conservation

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Case study

Hearing women’s voices as they represent various cultures is important to understanding how communities shape ecosystems through cultural practices. With support from Planet Women, various grassroots organizations have been able to fulfill capacity-building efforts. As a result, women have been able to gather together, build upon their skills, have discussions, and build relationships. In turn, they are equipped to pour back into their communities and advocate for change alongside their counterparts.

And it doesn’t stop there. Planet Women’s support has trickled down to the next generation of youth in their nature education and the land they will inherit.

Through cohorts and a community of like-minded women, Planet Women supports women in the environmental field in the US to get leadership roles and offers training for leaders looking to apply a more inclusive lens to their work.

From corporate to organic

This important annual report project was at the heart of their year-end fundraising campaign. In their third year, pairing content with strong visuals was crucial to showcase organizational growth and highlight their impactful work. We had the opportunity to blend their vision, mission, and actual impact into something that wasn't just informative but also really inspiring.

Continuing to improve upon previous years' reports, the team wanted to explore a more natural and organic aesthetic more closely aligned with their brand ethos. Our job was to rethink and create a new design that tied into the environment, nature, and the important work Planet Women does.

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Our goals were to…

  • display bite-sized snippets of content for those to absorb the most important content without reading every page
  • immerse readers into a space where it felt like they were meeting the individuals impacted by Planet Women
  • bring texture and warmth to each page through typography and color
  • create a delightful and dynamic reading experience that flows from page to page
  • use their website’s design as a brand guide to build upon 

Storytelling through design

As we dove into the project, we decided to focus on storytelling through powerful imagery across the spreads. The idea was to gather inspiring stories from community members and individuals directly impacted by their work. These narratives would then be paired with beautiful images and woven into an engaging interactive digital experience. 

We wanted readers to be transported into the field and experience the work that Planet Women and their partners are achieving globally both in communities and internally within women by empowering them. 

Bringing it all together

The final report that we produced was both a print and digital flipbook-style report utilizing Flowpaper, which incorporated videos and the ability to zoom into the report.

This piece was presented at their year-end event and is featured on their website. It serves to inform their largest donors about where their funds go and reaches out to those who are aware of the organization but may need to learn more about its mission and impact.

The report provides an evergreen document for them to be able to go back to in the next year to grab blurbs from to advocate further and garner support.

"We really loved the Annual Report that Acton Circle created for our small environmental nonprofit this year. They followed our direction really well and made a beautiful and fun report that highlighted our programs perfectly. We highly recommend them!"

Joanna Marshall
Director of Development & Marketing