Accelerating the pace of social change

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Case study

Tides’ work centers on BIPOC social change leaders and aims to build a world of social justice and shared prosperity.

The foundation has been able to provide funding, support, and resources to further shift power to marginalized communities and give community leaders a voice in key areas of focus such as democracy, climate justice, and reproductive justice.

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Adding a new spin

Tides originally needed an interactive microsite for their 2021 annual impact overview landing page, but lacked the necessary people-power to create it in-house.

We were able to successfully communicate their strong commitment to social impact to both current and prospective partners, and highlight their shift towards a more focused and strategic approach. Additionally, we showcased their shared values to potential new hires and made a compelling case for why they should consider joining the team.

Fast forward one year, and we got the call to revamp the design of Tides' 2021 Stories of Impact landing page while keeping some of the major functionality intact.

The updated landing page needed to:

  • Maintain the core functions of the original landing pages (ie. horizontal scroll, animations, navigation, and bold execution).
  • Incorporate multimedia content, including video, quotes, links to the blog, infographics, and imagery.
  • Position Tides as a force for social good by sharing real stories of their impact.

A better digital experience

Since a good majority of the layout and functionality of the 2021 report would be repurposed, we focused on how to make this year’s landing page unique. Power and activism were the main themes for the 2022 microsite and we made nods to this theme through expansive web screens that create visual collages of Tides’ partnerships and projects with video, quotes, and commentary.

From a strategic standpoint, the organization shifted from highlighting partner and community leader voices in the 2021 annual impact overview to highlighting key projects and funds that supported their 3 focus areas for 2022—democracy, reproductive justice, and climate justice.

Mission accomplished

We presented an interactive digital story of Tides' 2022 impact through engaging design, copy, visuals, and audio by…

  • Delivering a vibrant, fresh, and clean design that readers can weave through with ease and delight.
  • Capturing the heart of their brand story by showcasing their partners’ impacts.
  • Continuing to highlight the energy and focus brought upon by the organization's new executive leadership.

If you’re ready to turn your traditional annual report into a more interactive reading experience, check out our annual overview website landing page service.

"We lacked the internal capability to develop microsites/web pages. Olivia is extremely bright and had incredible ideas and insights for our project. Team was very responsive and easy to work with."

Jenny Summers
Senior Creative Manager