Achieving educational equity

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Case study

10,000 Degrees focuses on supporting students in pursuing higher education. Their mission involves providing equity-based scholarships, mentorship, and other forms of support to help students, especially those from low-income backgrounds, overcome barriers and achieve their academic goals.

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Our creative approach

10,000 Degrees needed an impactful, concise, and clean design that encouraged prospective donors to support their mission.

Other projects included: 

The main objective of these projects were to create visually appealing and concise designs that encouraged prospective donors to support 10,000 Degrees' mission.

We achieved the objective by...

  • Expressing their impact within the past year with stories and data
  • Showing gratitude for their loyal community
  • Painting a path forward for the next 5 years
  • Inspiring audiences to be proud of the organization that they support
  • Capture the attention of prospective donors, funders, and partners through well-branded, professional materials

We approached the design by thinking about elements that would be representative of the people 10,000 Degrees serves—young, college folks. With supporters and beneficiaries in mind, we landed on a lively and dynamic style that included texture, layers, hand-drawn elements and icons, bold colors, and powerful imagery of students for the impact report. For the strategic plan design, we focused on bold, image-heavy, and a minimalist approach to showcase 10,000 Degrees' major goals.

The full package

The result of our collaboration with 10,000 Degrees was a thoughtful and cohesive collection of materials across various mediums, underscoring 10,000 Degrees' unwavering dedication to their mission.

"The designers at Acton Circle are extremely creative, easy to work with, professional, flexible and timely with deadlines, and achieve results that have earned us high praise and accolades for our materials."

Alaina Baum
Director of Marketing and Communications