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3 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs an Interactive Annual Report

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Discover how opting for an interactive annual report can deliver a unique and engaging design that allows readers to navigate with ease and explore with delight.

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What is an Interactive Annual Report?

An interactive annual report is a digital annual report that includes elements such as videos, animations, infographics, and clickable links. These fun features make interactive reports more engaging than traditional reports, making it easier for readers to understand complex concepts and impact data.

Interactive reports are typically created as standalone microsites that can be linked to your organization’s website, sent out via newsletters, or converted into a traditional PDF report. A great example of this is 10,000 Degrees’ interactive annual report microsite, which offers a PDF version for download in the footer.

The Benefits of an Interactive Annual Report for Nonprofits

In addition to encouraging donor engagement, an interactive annual report is a great way for nonprofits to stand out and provide important information to their community without overwhelming their readers. Interactive reports are rooted in good user experience and are designed to make navigation simple, engagement easy, and learning a breeze. 

If your nonprofit has many moving parts or complex data points, an interactive report can make connecting with your audience easier, retaining current donors and attracting new ones.

How can an interactive annual report benefit your nonprofit? Here are three features that can help you bridge the gap between your nonprofit and its supporters:

#1. Animated Data/Visual Aids

One of the best features of an interactive annual report for nonprofits is the ability to create animated data and visual aids for your readers. Visual aids keep your readers interested and help you explain complex concepts quickly. 

Visual aids can include graphs, animated data points, maps, and anything else to help you express your impact data.

#2. User-Friendly Design

Traditional PDF annual reports have simple navigation, but you can only do one of two things: go to the next page or to the previous page. Interactive reports have a user-friendly interface and design that allows you to navigate quickly and easily to the information you want to see.

Like websites, interactive annual report microsites can have headers and footers or a dedicated navigation bar available to the reader at all times. This, paired with easy scrolling — whether they’ve decided to scroll vertically or horizontally like a presentation — makes this type of annual report a favorite for nonprofit organizations.

#3. Adaptability 

Interactive reports are ideal for nonprofits with an immense amount of information or extremely diverse content. These reports are adaptable, and you can create nearly unlimited pages to contain all your data without making it harder for your audience to navigate.

The opposite is also true for organizations that don’t have much impact data to present. An interactive report can help you use your data points to tell an engaging story with just a few pages.

Considering an Interactive Annual Report? Here’s What You Need to Know

Annual reports recognize donors, supporters, and community members while sharing with your audience the impact your organization made over the past year. Whether you choose a traditional or interactive annual report for your organization, it’s important to note that there is no “wrong way” as long as you present your information honestly and transparently. 

If your organization is considering an interactive annual report this year, book a free consultation call with Acton Circle.  We’ll help you determine which type of annual report is right for you and your organization.

May 31, 2024

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