Inspiring a passion for lifelong philanthropy

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Case study

Orange County Community Foundation serves as a bridge between donors who want to make a positive impact in their community and the nonprofit organizations working to address various social issues.

Whether it's providing support to partners, leveraging giving events, or stewarding the funds on high-network individuals, Orange County Community Foundation is committed to strengthening communities in the Orange County area through generous giving and relationship building.

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Designed and delivered

Orange County Community Foundation faced a challenge with inconsistent marketing collateral produced by various designers throughout the years. Seeking a unified and professional brand representation that would underscore their core mission, we initiated a redesign process for key marketing pieces within the organization.

Our approach focused on elevating the existing brand materials, infusing them with a heightened sense of polish, professionalism, and warmth. Through collaborative efforts, we worked closely with Orange County Community Foundation to revamp these crucial elements, setting the stage for a more cohesive and impactful brand identity.

In the course of our continued collaboration, we observed Orange County Community Foundation undertake a thorough rebranding effort. We smoothly incorporated the updated branding elements—such as fonts, colors, and logos—into the organization's marketing materials.

A peak inside our projects

Our long-standing relationship with the foundation has afforded us the privilege of actively contributing to their growth trajectory while ensuring that their brand materials consistently align with their exceptional mission. This commitment to maintaining brand integrity has been a cornerstone of our collaboration, reflecting our dedication to the enduring success of the Orange County Community Foundation.

From a tactical and strategic stand-point we have:

  • Given their existing marketing collateral a face-lift and created a consistent aesthetic while keeping the brand essence and new identity intact.
  • Come up with improved and modern marketing materials that better speak to their high-network audience, including a presentation, one-pagers, brochures, invitations, program materials, and a holiday guide.
  • Built sub-brands for their funds and an educational series that stood independently while staying connected to the main brand’s vision, mission, and values.
  • Created compact yet easy-to-use marketing templates for their team so they could create new marketing pieces that align with the redesigned pieces.

"Before Acton Circle, our marketing collateral was a hot mess and all over the map in terms of design and messaging. As a small staff with not enough design expertise or time, we needed help to make our brand feel cohesive. Acton Circle did a wonderful job helping us redesign some of our marketing collateral. Very satisfied!"

Monica Seely
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications